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The Institute for Civilization and Culture (ICK) was formed in 1997 as an autonomous and independent research institute. Recently, ICK changed its research priority from basic research into  more applicable research, and thus established its own R&D department - a greater proportion of funding is now obtained in the market and policies are not only current, but especially long-term and sustainable: low-carbon society, ecology, human impact on the environment and the relationship between society and technology.

R&D department includes distinguished and visible individuals from the field of sustainable mobility, sustainable development and related disciplines from Slovenia and abroad. Younger researchers from interdisciplinary areas are involved and partners from industry participate.

Together with IT partners a high-tech project EGOZERO was developed – it integrates the use of an electric car and a sustainable and environmentally-friendly oriented tourist offer, thus bringing together sustainable endeavours of the tourist industry and making them closer to its users. Recognizable tourist attractions are building logical circle: the tourist travels at a pre-selected itinerary with a rented electric car, which places him/her in places of rest, meal or visiting attractions. The core of the project is a website www.egozero.si as an effective form that integrates providers who share a high ecological tourist orientation.

The basic idea of EGOZERO is to offer tourists more experiences, bring them closer to nature, generate a stronger bond with traditions, which they encounter on their travels, and ultimately to enable an improved quality of life to the people and places that welcome these visitors. With this in mind, Egozero operates on three wider levels:

  1. Selecting, connecting and educating tourism providers down the path of sustainable and responsible tourism;
  2. Constructing an electrical power charge infrastructure and implementing low-carbon means of transport for travel and everyday use;
  3. Developing information technology that will connect environmentally and socially responsible providers and make them more visible, recognisable and accessible, while at the same time allowing users/guests ease of access to substantially and experientially fulfilling holidays, which respect the natural and social environment.


EGOZERO is developing it initial destinations in Slovenia: in addition to it being our home, Slovenia’s position at the border between the Alps, the Mediterranean and Eurasian steppes with its unique ecosystems and biodiversity, including its natural landmarks and cultural heritage, makes it an incredibly rich and diverse country whose exceptionally preserved natural environment makes it one of the most suitable green destinations in Europe. At the same time, it is small enough to allow travel across the country with electrical cars with their current capacities, all with a little planning. Tourism is well developed and small providers have been developing an environmentally-friendly tourist offer for years, however it remains diffused and poorly recognised. By introducing EGOZERO we would like to go beyond this and use new content to combine the existing organically certified providers and design a holistic sustainable tourist experience to facilitate their development, while at the same time integrating other providers and thus provide Slovenia with firm foundations for development leading to responsible tourism with an eye on the future.  

The first EGOZERO travel destination is The Emerald Route (starting November 2012), however the the debut presentation of the project at the ITB in Berlin, then the electric mobility fair in Klagenfurt upon invitation by the Carinthian provincial governor, the appearance at the Sana fair, Bologna, professional collaboration with HNEE, Germany and setting up partnerships for expansion of the project in selected regions in Austria, Germany and Italy already promise a continuation that goes beyond borders.

EGOZERO responds to global dilemmas and challenges to the development of tourism with innovative and holistic solutions in technological as well as substantive-organisational aspects, which can be applied effectively almost anywhere – therefore we intend to use the next few years working with our partners throughout selected regions to expand the EGOZERO concept and tools for successful implementation to new destinations. It is exactly this aim that lead us to participate at the World Travel Market 2012 in London, a high-profile event in tourism, which brings together the most successful initiatives for more a sustainable and responsible tourism as well as the biggest players in development of application of new technologies in tourism.

Ljubljana, October 2012.