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Here are some of the latest questions regarding EGOZERO

What exactly will Egozero do with electric cars?

We hope that people will travel with them, because from now on this will be possible. EGOZERO builds the necessary steps to make this possible and from this November in Slovenia the journey starts!  

If a goal of vacation is not travelling, but exploring a variety of activities at stops on the way, then it is possible to travel with electric cars. Even now!

Starting with lots of stops on the way through a small, but very green country, who knows where the idea of more responsible tourism can go in the future.  


Are you building an electrical power charge infrastructure, or promoting the idea?

We are offering the carefree travelling opportunity, meaning that we are building charging stations at all those stops where tourists remain for at least one hour or more. Tourists choose their own route of traveling using our web site(www.egozero.si)and at the same time the advanced configuration system will give them the information on which of these stops (at chosen restaurants, wine cellars, bike rentals, museums, other point of attraction...) electric cars can be filled. In other words: EGOZERO provides the pleasure between filling time. By that the main problem of electric cars disappears.  


Are you actually renting electric cars, or providing tourists with information so they can do so?

We are renting electric cars (operating through a chosen rent a car agency). The whole idea is that tourists can book cars and choose routes with numerous activities and accommodation places in one place at the same booking spot. When booking is completed (the route chosen and all stops selected) the information is sent to a car navigation system and when the tourist sits in the car the journey can start.  


How popular are electric cars in Slovenia now?

The sale of all new electric cars (C zero, i-mev etc.) has started not even a year ago and their prices are not particularly stimulating to customers. So the situation is similar for us as it is in other European countries.



Are there many charging stations, and is it possible to get around with only electricity to power the car?

It may be interesting that there are more than 50 public filling stations already, which is, considering the size of Slovenia and the number of existing cars, actually quite a lot. Although EGOZERO is mostly oriented to tourists from abroad, the infrastructure that we are setting up now will be a great help to users of electric vehicles in Slovenia and neighboring countries, notably Italy and Austria.


Why did you decide to launch Egozero?

This question is easy. Because it is possible and because we as tourists can act more eco friendly, responsibly and ethically also when travelling.

EGO - Leisure is the time that you dedicate to yourself and those you want to be with and ZERO - when we do it in a way that helps nature remain as it is. Expanded use of electric car + Responsible tourist offer + Complex user friendly searching and booking portal = Unique rich travel experience. We strongly believe in this formula.


How will it function - would companies pay you in order to be promoted? Do tourists pay for the information?

The business model is the same as it is with tourist agencies, that is, we will charge the chosen providers of tourist offer for agreed commission when the booking will be made through our web site. When tourist makes reservation through www.egozero.si (i.e., selects the route, accommodations and activities on it), the booking is completed and payment is done with one credit card - so the procedure is simple and quite usual, although the service behind it is quite complex.